Organic certified products

We guarantee to stock only certified organic fruit and vegetables.

We try to source our products from local or Western Australian producers whenever possible.  In this way we hope to support our local organic producers and to reduce the amount of energy spent in transport and storage. On all of our fruit and vegetables we try to list the famers names, their organic certification and where the items have come from.

All of the chicken, beef and lamb we sell is certified organic and is delivered to you frozen.

The beef comes from Dandaragan Farm in WA (ACO Certification Number: 6103A). They have been producing organic beef since 2000. The chicken comes from Enviroganic Farm in NSW (OFC Certification Number: 0428). Lamb comes from a few select farms in WA who are certified organic. Lamb is often in short supply!

The pork, ham and bacon we sell comes from free-range pork from Linley Valley Farm in WA  Usually ham and bacon have about 10% nitrate added.  Our ham and bacon are salt cured and in that process less than 1% of nitrate is formed - but none is added.

Our sausages are made from certified organic beef or lamb whilst the pork sausages are made from free-range pork. The pork sausages have pork, wheat, salt, pepper and a little water added - and nothing else.  Our beef sausages are gluten free and have 1% (1 gram / kilo) of preservative 223 added by govt regulation.

All of our bulk items are certified organic, such as the flours, nuts, dried fruits, sugar and rice. We try to purchase bulk products whenever possible to help reduce packaging.

We always welcome requests from our customers for specific items and will endeavour to provide them whenever possible.